When the battery in the van died, I thought, great! How are we going to pay for that?! We still need to buy coats and gloves!

When the dishwasher stopped draining the water, I thought, great! Now I get to do all of the dishes for eight people!

When the child got sick, I thought, great! Six kids could get sick!

When all of life seemed to be falling apart in the last few months, I forgot to look up. I forgot that we are doing something amazing that has all of hell rallied against us. God sent His son to die so that we may be adopted into His kingdom. It’s the whole reason for the gospel so why would I be surprised when we come under attack for following in His footsteps? Adoption is the closest thing to God’s heart.

Without the second car, we were able to go get dad from work as a family and God blessed us with a wholesale priced battery!

Without the dishwasher, the kids are able to learn responsibility. (or I get alone time;)

The kid who got sick, he’s fine. It’s a cold and it’s building up his immune system. Just means I need to buy some thieves oil!

The bible says the “rain falls on everybody”. Things are going to happen but how we handle it is the key to restful sleep or a fear gripped heart. Are we choosing to stay under the circumstances allowing them to steal our joy?

Not today!

Have a great day! Don’t forget your coffee! I’m going to need more so I can get these dishes done:)