As an adoptive mom, I am sickened by a rumor going around that one person in an office somewhere is attempting to stop international adoption. The rumor is in fact true and this person is succeeding. In four years, it will be an unavailable option in the US and no, that’s not an exaggeration.

At the end of 2017, adoption agencies were told that there was a change coming in one of the government entities but they were not told what. In February, I started receiving emails from agencies about an increase to fees coming in TWO WEEKS! A year ago we were waiting for our travel dates, trying to make sure we had all the finances to get our kids. This increase would have added another $1500 to that cost, $500 per kid, in two weeks! Yes, that’s what families need…more cost and stress. Those people that are trying to do something intensely difficult.

Orphanage or Foster Care...neither is a family

Nothing can take the place of a family.

Adoption is not a solution to an American problem. It’s an INTERNATIONAL problem to be accomplished as an INTERNATIONAL community. To think that we should only adopt from our backyard is na├»ve. Children of every culture need families, not institutions.

The previous government entity worked with mostly volunteers on mostly volunteer time. This was replaced with a group of people getting paid very well. Both are supposed to be working to stop international child trafficking which is why they are involved in the adoption process. I have no problem with that! As adoptive parents, we should be checked out! We should be held accountable. But we are not the bad guys!

70% of people who do not adopt, say it’s a financial decision that stops them. Adding to those fees only drives that number and ties the hands of the agencies trying to advocate for these little people with no voice. These fees are due with every child referral. If anything happens and the adoption falls through, that money is gone.

That will restrict, even more, the older child and sibling groups like ours. These kids know what a family is. They know what they are missing, and they know it’s what they want. They don’t know that it’s also what they need but have the smallest chance of obtaining.

Many smaller agencies will have to close. Larger agencies will not be able to offer international. If you think there can not be someone that cruel in our government, think again. They also want to make pictures and files of international waiting children, unavailable to advocate websites, including the agencies websites. These sites are guarded and some, pretty heavily.

My husband knew from their picture that our kids were supposed to be ours. How many children will never be seen that way?

If America drops the ball on these issues, for ANY reason, we should be ashamed.