I enjoy following adoption journeys through all of the painful, brokenness, as well as the victories and successes. I think that future adopters need to have a clear view of the process if they go down the same road.  I appreciate those who have said “HEY, this is hard! But it is completely worth it!”

As much as I hope I can be that for someone, this blog is also a journey through homeschool.  This fall, our adoption will be complete and we will be looking school in the eye.  I have recently discovered that there are quite a few that have adopted and homeschool.  I think you need to be a little crazy or rebellious to do one or the other, but both?!

Welcome to the crazy rebellious!  Or the rebellious crazy?  Either one you pick, we’ve got jackets.

 Anywhoo,  As of right now, we do have plans to send our oldest to the Christian school and homeschool the other five.  The school just moved two blocks away from our house.  How can you argue when God literally brings the school to you?!  “A” has been homeschooled his entire young life but LOVES the idea of sitting at a desk with workbooks and assignments and other kids his age.  He wants the opportunity to spread his wings.  Our princess may also need school for the socialization aspect but we will wait to send her.  Neither of the boys, from Bulgaria, enjoy school AT ALL which leads us to suspect bullying.  As a Roma child, they may be treated vastly different than the rest of the class.  A harsh truth but a reality.  We pray homeschool will give them a security as well as a love for learning that may not be there now.

Our other bios are not ready to leave the nest which is fine with me.  I love my job and am addicted to my children.  Sending our oldest to school will be a great opportunity for us to all get our feet wet.  For now, we are trying to stay focused on school as the “teacher” keeps getting distracted by paperwork, phone calls, messages and fundraising.  It’s the crazy!

If you are thinking about doing homeschool, I highly recommend it.  Just like adoption, it is also time consuming but so worth the effort.  We have a great relationship with all of our children and believe that is the reason.  In my next blog, I will give you some tips and articles I’ve learned in my 16 years of schooling.  It can be overwhelming at first.  Don’t get discouraged.  I believe in you!

Great things don’t ever come from comfort zones.  Bring coffee.  – Kam