With the help of God going before us and many people, we were able to accomplish an impossible dream. To be the hands and feet of Jesus, to take care of the orphan. With a little in our savings to get started, we decided there was never going to be a “good” time. It just had to be now

There have been many US adoption agencies close on the international side of adoption. This is due to some of our leaders feeling that only US kids should be adopted. Fact is they are all God’s children and we are called to take care of orphans…not “the orphans in your own country” or “the orphans that look like you”. So we chose a country, an agency that served that country, started the process and changed our minds. About the country not the process. Fortunately the agency served both countries so we paid the other fee (ugh) and got paper-pregnant.

It’s a long, hard process with my heart constantly being broken for my new kiddos. I wanted many times to go to Europe and do things myself. It got done, they came home, and the real challenge began. We were emotionally unprepared for the Reactive Attachment Disorders (RAD), PTSD and the MANY quirks that come with children raised by other children.

All that being said, I will still advocate for them. Ideally all these kids should be raised by their biological parents but the world is less than ideal. If the opportunity arises to step in and be a light in the darkness we should not be afraid of what comes out of the dark. It will only serve to grow the light even more.