Trying to be a blogger mom!

Love The Skin You’re In

This is a picture of my son tanning himself in our backyard. To you it’s only another teenager trying to get a nice summer glow. ….

I Don’t Always Like You

I do not always like you.  I will always love you but there are times that I just plain  I know there are times ….

We are not the bad guys!

As an adoptive mom, I am sickened by a rumor going around that one person in an office somewhere is attempting to stop international adoption. ….

Remebering The Why

Day by day, step by step. That’s what our adoption journey is. Some families have an easier time adapting. Some have a harder. Our journey ….

Don’t stop breathing

In the time we’ve been home, I have questioned everything I thought I knew. My faith has been shaken to its core. Stripped to the ….

8 months, 1 day, 4 hours…

That’s how long we have been looking. Looking for the “new normal”. It comes with new memories, old memories in young minds, sleep walking, small ….

Month Three

Last week marked the three months we have been home with our new kiddos. We are doing better. We see improvements in everybody every day ….

Two Months Home

Today is two months. Two months does not seem like much but yikes… it sure can be when you are waiting for the next step. ….

Two Weeks Home

I don’t know why I find comfort in the sound of the air conditioner. It breaks up the silence of the house in the morning ….

Homeschooling #101/2

Wow…didn’t take long to derail my “every day” plan! Well…Onward & upward!! When you decide to teach your children, it’s important to look ONLY at ….

Adoption and Homeschool

I enjoy following adoption journeys through all of the painful, brokenness, as well as the victories and successes. I think that future adopters need to ….

Thorny Sides

I’m not normally one to get behind an actor with a cause unless I’ve done some homework on the issue. There also needs to be ….

From Clenched Fists to Praise

Last week sucked.  I was told that my Dad has prostate cancer.  He is a survivor of bladder cancer so they still check the “area” every few ….

Brain Waves…Goodbye

Getting closer to our departure just adds more to my brain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and really pretty calm. It’s the “grey matter” in ….

Christmas at the last minute

I entered this Christmas season with reserved hope that we would hear something before the Bulgarian government closed for the holidays. We had heard from ….

Mama’s Arms

Currently, we know of two families who are at the end of their journey.  They are hours from bringing their children home to begin a ….

I Has Hope

This journey called “adoption” is turning out to be the hardest I have ever been on. More courage has been required of me than anything ….

Hard Faith = Trust 

I am learning through the process of this adoption that what I think may be helping, is only filling time.  What I should be doing ….