Getting closer to our departure just adds more to my brain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and really pretty calm. It’s the “grey matter” in my head that seems to nap during the day but then talks incessantly at night! She’s overworked.

My brain is not good at lullaby stories. In fact it can be a frightening little story teller if not controlled. Similar to this girl I know. She only needs an inquiry about vacation or brushing her hair. All of a sudden there a was a shark in the bathtub trying to bite her but she got away only to slip on the floor and almost fall out of her 15 story house! Her brain works fine all of the time! I’ll bet she even sleeps at night! On the other hand…her mother may have a “grey matter” issue.

Some times, if I don’t wake my brain, I can go back to sleep rather easily. Once it’s up, however, it takes prayer, coffee & yoga for the rest of me to catch up to it.

  • Emergency contact list
  • shopping lists
  • repairing the carry-on
  • paying the bills ahead of time
  • fundraising
  • passport paperwork
  • weather-watching (here & abroad)
  • printing
  • collecting
  • cleaning
  • planning
  • begging…

I’m actually looking forward to the plane for 8 hours! *sigh* If only I could send my brain to cargo.