Not for the faint of heart!

Sometimes the apples tip the basket!

Remebering The Why

Day by day, step by step. That’s what our adoption journey is. Some families have an easier time adapting. Some have a harder. Our journey is our own and it is getting easier. Today, I remembered the “why”. Because they didn’t ask to be orphans. Because they deserve a family…a home. A Christmas tree with …

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Month Three

Last week marked the three months we have been home with our new kiddos. We are doing better. We see improvements in everybody every day but it’s not where we want it to be or moving as fast. We are still trying to balance all six kids’ needs whether it’s emotional or physical. We still …

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Two Months Home

Today is two months. Two months does not seem like much but yikes… it sure can be when you are waiting for the next step. I wonder if that will ever go away… the waiting. First we’re waiting for paperwork to get approved. Then money to come in. Governments to move what seemed like mountains. …

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Thorny Sides

I’m not normally one to get behind an actor with a cause unless I’ve done some homework on the issue. There also needs to be some sort of credibility to the person, regardless of their status. That stuff just doesn’t impress me.  I can get behind someone who get’s their hands dirty though. I have …

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Brain Waves…Goodbye

Getting closer to our departure just adds more to my brain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and really pretty calm. It’s the “grey matter” in my head that seems to nap during the day but then talks incessantly at night! She’s overworked. My brain is not good at lullaby stories. In fact it can be a frightening little …

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Mama’s Arms

Currently, we know of two families who are at the end of their journey.  They are hours from bringing their children home to begin a new chapter in their lives.  We are so excited for both of these families, one of whom happens to be our Pastor & his wife.  It is the family’s third …

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I Has Hope

This journey called “adoption” is turning out to be the hardest I have ever been on. More courage has been required of me than anything else I have prayed for. I truly believe that parenting these small people will be easier than the process to get them. This morning my husband & I made the …

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