I entered this Christmas season with reserved hope that we would hear something before the Bulgarian government closed for the holidays. We had heard from other families that Bulgaria would cease to be active between the 15th & 19th of December.

Daily we waited.

Nothing came.

So, when we hit the 15th, then the 16th…I gave up & focused on what was now full blown Christmas season! Kind of like the on-ramp of an interstate during rush hour! Yikes! How could I have waited so long?!

I had not bought gifts or baked cookies. My mind was not in the planning or carrying out of a major holiday. We had fortunately set up the tree right after Thanksgiving but Christmas had arrived. Whether my heart was in it or not it was upon me.
After crying to my husband about how awful I am as a mother, we went shopping so there were actual gifts under the tree.
I even mixed up two batches of cookies, melted some chocolate and decorated some pretzel sticks. All the while, praying that our precious ones over-seas would know about us before Christmas.

Then, on Dec. 21st, we received the call. The call we had been anxiously awaiting since our dossier left the states on October 28th. Our rep was so excited to get the email that she called at 8:27am. I held the phone away as I screamed in her ear:) WE GOT TRAVEL DATES!!!
Bulgaria was definitely working & had approved our file for the first trip.
So we ARE still adopting!! YEA!!
(After so much quiet, you do start to wonder if you were dreaming the whole thing!

As of yet, there is no confirmation on our itinerary from Bulgaria but there is hope that tomorrow may be the day! We have until February 21st to complete it but we want to travel January 21st! Since the rep in Bulgaria will be our “babysitter”, he is calling the shots. This whole time I was just not prepared for OUR offices being closed but tomorrow, the holidays are over. Sorry 2016, I know I rushed out but there are kids to bring home in 2017.