In the time we’ve been home, I have questioned everything I thought I knew. My faith has been shaken to its core. Stripped to the very raw truth that I am not in control. I have one job…to believe. To believe what He says He will do, who He is, & how He loves.


The decision we both had in our hearts to adopt came from Him.

The children we would choose to go after…Him.

Grant money & donations…all Him although I would say this is a perfect example of learning the faith walk. I had to complete the applications and search them out. The Bible works the same way. Some grants we got immediately, some exactly when we needed and others were a promise for post-process.

I have received promises from the word the same way. Some I’m still waiting for but know they are coming.

These children are an answer to a promise God put in my heart 40 years ago. I was born with the promise. These have always been my children. I just didn’t know it until 2 years ago.

Hang on to your promise. Don’t lose hope. That is the essence of faith…things hoped for.

I understand when things are so hard that you can’t breathe. Those times when you can gain or lose 30lbs because food is a comfort or coffee becomes your wine! (Although the thought of drinking wine does come across your mind also.)

Don’t give up.

Things change.



Stop fighting & let Him be in control.

Definitely don’t forget the coffee!