Got your coffee?:) Great! I love to drink coffee but I don’t like to taste it. It is warm & comforting but must be covered in sugar & milk. This is something I would like to try to change but not this day! 

In my defense, it is almond milk. To my harm, it’s also got Agave syrup which I did NOT think was bad for me. 

Until recently. 


Anyway, I would love to know about you! 

I am a wife to an amazing guy who gives me roots. Seriously, he puts up with a lot of my crazy! I am also mom to 3 fabulous boys currently. That is part of the crazy hubby agreed to last summer. ADOPTION!! WooHoo!! From a little country in Europe that many people have never heard of until they meet me…Bulgaria. It’s so cute! The size of Tennessee and so beautiful! I was fortunate to go on a mission trip a few years ago to work in 3 orphanages. It was illegal to bring anyone back at that point so we are doing all the legal stuff now! Ha!

Another thing about me is that I think orange is a great color but I don’t want to wear it all the time. 

I wonder what the color is in Bulgaria…hmmm.

ANYWHOOO…Most of all I am a reformed feminist who loves Jesus. I used to cringe at the word SUBMIT but now I say it just for fun. It is kind of fun to see heads pop like that. There is a serious issue, however, with women trying to figure out their identity without losing their dignity. God designed us to be help-mates to men. Not equal to them but still partners. It is possible to have your own walk with Jesus, submit to your husband or the men in your life, & be the amazing woman God has called you to be! I hope I didn’t lose you at “submit” & we can still be friends:) We can walk this out together. With coffee! 

Many blessings,