So, after taking a bit of a hiatus from my little blog, I now have a goal of posting at least something every day in April.  Yes I’m aware that I missed yesterday but we aren’t counting that…it was April Fools.

We are getting close to bringing our kids home & I want to have a record of the experience.  Inevitably, I kick into “Dory-brain” after an adventure like this and it frustrates the tar out of me.  Yes, that’s a thing.  Tar…out of m…never mind.

Anywhoo, I promised that this post would be about beginning your homeschool journey. Whether you are starting your kids in pre-school or pulling them out of 10th grade, there is a vast amount of choices for curriculum.  Here are some things to consider:

       How does your child learn? Are they a visual learner?  My oldest is visual so he does more workbook and paperwork.  (he actually enjoys it!)

       Are they auditory learners?  This is another one of my boys. HATES paperwork but remembers every song he’s ever heard!  YouTube is an excellent resource for him.Or do you have a Kinesthetic learner?  This one is my favorite because this is me and I also believe that every child has some degree of kinesthetic in them.  All of my boys learn the most when it is a real-life, hands-on approach to something.  I believe this is the reason “fidget” toys have become so popular!

If you are working with little people, you will discover that each child is different and has their own unique way of learning.  There are usually a dominate way that comes through with a little of another.

As their parent/teacher, nobody knows them like you do.

The trick is understanding that one can listen to music while reading and bouncing on the couch but the other won’t retain ANYTHING that way!  This will help you decide what curriculum is going to be worth the time and money.

Tune in tomorrow to find out the differences between teaching styles!

Remember! Nothing great comes from comfort zones!!

Many Blessings, Kam