Wow…didn’t take long to derail my “every day” plan!

Well…Onward & upward!!

When you decide to teach your children, it’s important to look ONLY at your own style.  NOT at the style of the teachers they may have in public school.  I have always loved teaching in some capacity.  I did not go to college but I had the “look” in my mind.  We sat at the dining room table because I didn’t have desks.  I bought ABEKA curriculum and spent hours preparing for lessons.  I hated it. Every. single. moment.  Not that there is anything wrong with ABEKA, quite the contrary! It’s an excellent curriculum for organized people!

That is the “Traditional” style.  It works for those people and NOT an ENFP!  Workbooks and a dry-erase board!

Next is “Classical” style.  This style has become pretty popular in the homeschool community because it gives coops a vision.  Classical Conversation is a Christian curriculum of sorts that can be carried on at home between coop meetings.  Here is the link to their website.

I hate the name of the next one but appreciate the thought behind it.  “Unschooling” gives people the idea that we don’t do ANYTHING and it can also give the parent a name for not teaching their children.  I have fallen victim to this during seasons of difficulty in our family’s life.  I would prefer the style “Fold them where their bent!”  (Heard that at a homeschool conference one time)  If your child shows an interest in Minecraft, let him master it.  If it’s birds, let him research until he’s got a new interest.

“Unit Studies” is an interesting style and with my experience with all boys, they probably enjoyed this the most and retained the most.  If there is something you want to study or teach, you put that subject into every aspect of the lessons.  They all revolve around ancient history or farming or art.  Whatever it is.  It is not without some planning, however.  Small town libraries don’t usually have many books on ancient Egypt so we needed to order online.

The last one is the “Charlotte Mason” method.  It includes reading strong literature as well as nature, art and music.  It focuses on teaching honorable character traits.  It was one I had hoped we would be able to do the most but the boys just were not getting the whole nature study unless it was jumping in a mud puddle.  Still, I think it’s a good method.

As you progress in your home-school journey, you will probably use all of the methods.  Don’t get put in a box.  Find what works for you, tweak it to your style and your children’s style.  Have fun with your kids!  You will be happier for it!

Nothing great comes from comfort zones!

Blessings, Kam