I do not always like you.  I will always love you but there are times that I just plain do.not.like.you.  I know there are times when you don’t like me either.  That’s fine. That’s fair.  Neither one of us knew how this was going to play out when it started.  Reading books, going to conferences, talking to others who have walked it out…not really helpful on these days.  When tempers are high, lies are long, and experience has told us other things.

I did not anticipate the anger.  I know in my “calm” brain that that is your fear.  Right now, all I see is your anger and self-defense.

I don’t know the dragons you have fought.

I don’t know how often you had to fight them or if anyone ever helped you.

I hope to know some day.  Right now, that day is not today.  All I know is that you see me as a fire-breather.

Again, that’s fair.

You caught me off guard.  I know I can breathe it until my nose smokes. I’ve never fought dragons or had a reason to.  They weren’t in my life, so this is a new challenge for me.

It’s ugly.