This journey called “adoption” is turning out to be the hardest I have ever been on. More courage has been required of me than anything else I have prayed for. I truly believe that parenting these small people will be easier than the process to get them.

This morning my husband & I made the decision to take a HUGE step of faith. Between two choices, it was inevitable.
One choice solidified our desire to adopt our children but put us in debt.
The other kept us from debt but held the possibility of not getting our children & even “black balling” us with Bulgaria.
Both choices leave us vulnerable and humbly, financially “naked” in front of our Creator. He is the only substance. Either way we chose put Him in charge. That’s the best place to be for a child of God though. It doesn’t feel like it at the time but He’s got this!
Now we see just stand back to watch how strong He is! Able…”to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think”. Eph 3:20

When we began this adoption, I knew then that it is probably closest to the Father’s heart.
Adoption is why Jesus died for us! He paid a price for us to join His family, why should we expect a “free pass”? 

If for no other reason, these children need to know that we will fight for them. 

WE need to know that we will fight for them! 

I love the point in the movie Despicable Me when Gru stands up for the little girl at the carnival game instead of leaving her there. That’s the shift in the movie…when he fought for her.

I appreciate the fact that sometimes God will allow a fight into our lives to teach us how to fight. How to stand in the battle and not give in. I don’t think He only gives us what we can handle, but what we cannot so that we have to rely on Him.

 Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate it but that does NOT mean I enjoy it!

 Still, we will be stronger for it. Our children will be blessed because of it.

A surprising realization, the process makes me also appreciate my biological kiddos even more. When a momma is forced to wait to hold her child whether it is pregnancy or adoption, it helps when there are already kiddos to hold! It gives the arms something to do! 

I also recognize that after this journey, our lives will look much different in a few months than they do right now. There is plenty of paperwork, grants to apply for and fundraisers to plan but there are also still meals to make, dishes to wash and card games to learn. 

In the end of all of this, there will be three less orphans in the world and we will look back and say it was worth it.

Through the fight “I has hope” – Oh (from the movie Home) & coffee!