This is a picture of my son tanning himself in our backyard. To you it’s only another teenager trying to get a nice summer glow. To me, it’s an acceptance of a skin color…his own.

He was raised thinking that the skin he wore was wrong.

As if you can change it. Make it different somehow.

His skin is the very reason he is in our home.

Where he comes from does not accept dark colors as actual people. They do not get jobs or have opportunities, so they do not have money and security. They are only allowed certain forest areas to collect wood for their stoves, but this also puts them in danger of being ruthlessly attacked while they are out.

To eat, adults resort to dumpster diving or stealing. The people group are referred to as “Gypsy” with much disdain from a country they are just trying to survive in. 

The children are placed in segregated schools and live in orphanages just to get meals. Those that are truly orphaned have a very small chance of being adopted by their own country. 

Even though we don’t look like him, we have told him that his color is beautiful.

A few years later, he believes us🥰