Currently, we know of two families who are at the end of their journey.  They are hours from bringing their children home to begin a new chapter in their lives.  We are so excited for both of these families, one of whom happens to be our Pastor & his wife.  It is the family’s third trip to China but this time three girls are being rescued from “aging out” in China.

There are actually a shocking number of countries that age out their orphans at 14.  Some of whom are aged incorrectly so they may only be 12 or 13.  Either way, it is too young.  With the threat of sex & slave trafficking looming like a “roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8.  These sweet children are just beginning to learn who they are. If they are not adopted, they are sent to the streets.  We are huge advocates for older child adoptions and so excited to see these girls come home.

The other family is adopting two older girls from Bulgaria.  I have only recently come to know about this family but they have a similar heart. I have to admit that I am a little jealous of them! They are WAY down the tunnel from us! But that just means that these girls are now with their forever family sooner. Our kiddos will be home at some point…then I will be able to post OUR kids on Facebook! For now I must be content to keep working on fundraising, sewing, selling, crafting, grant applications, housekeeping (ugh!), mothering, wifeing…(is that even a word?)

If only I could explain that to my arms! I call them the “mama arms”.

You know…the feeling mama’s get when she wants to hold a baby so badly, she can feel it in her arms.  I had “mama’s arms” when I was pregnant with all three of our boys. By the end of the nine months, I had the “arms” that craved holding that little one.

Then there are some that have arms for the child, the orphan. The baby that may have never been held. The child that longs for that bond with SOMEONE!

Those are my arms.

To wrap the love of Jesus around these children & NEVER let go!

Ok well I might have to let them breathe but THAT’S ALL!

Need to make up for lost time!