Last week marked the three months we have been home with our new kiddos.

We are doing better.

We see improvements in everybody every day but it’s not where we want it to be or moving as fast. We are still trying to balance all six kids’ needs whether it’s emotional or physical. We still look forward to bedtime so we can cross another day off.

One more day closer to the new normal we hear about.

Another day of bonding and building attachment…done.

At some point, we will see the end of the tunnel, or a light…some proof to tell us we are on the right track. We hear about the “steps to success” like this is a team building sport. It is extremely hard to build a team with language issues. It’s hard to build a relationship without conversation.

Or honestly, have a desire to try.

They are still strangers I am hosting in our home. I have moments of grieving our life prior to this. Even now I tear up thinking about it. I miss the freedom of just going out of town for a day. Now anything we do has to be strategic in case of a melt down.

Our bio boys are trying to receive these three kids who have turned their family upside down. They have seen us at our worst to try to bring order to our lives. Hopefully, some day they will say they saw us at our best for the same reason.

Right now, coffee is my food.