It’s started… The great tomato abundance of 2020. At least something good will come out of the crazy that is this year!

So far and besides eating them I have started with canning crushed tomatoes I’m not sure if I have the brain power yet to branch out into a sauce or salsa. Salsa is about the only thing I can’t make with the crushed tomatoes. I could do catsup but last time I made that it tasted like BBQ sauce and not good BBQ sauce! Pretty sure I just threw some meat and beans at it and called it a chili 🤔

I don’t like wasting food but I also know my limits. So I have thrown a few away but in my defense they were cracked and funky when they came in. I have one child who has gotten such a kick out of picking the abundance that I just don’t have the heart to throw them out in front of him.

One of my next posts I’ll put directions to canning crushed tomatoes. They are perfect for chili in the middle of an Iowa winter!

So I didn’t know I was growing jalapeno peppers but the one plant is doing amazing! Guess I’ll have to come up with something to do with those. I don’t like spicy but most of my crew does… Any ideas?

Stay Fabulous!