20lbs of strawberries

16 cheeseburgers

20 hotdogs

SO many bags of chips!!

This was a recent meal at my house. We had three bio’s, adopted three more but there is ALWAYS more at my house than the six that live here.


When I was growing up, our house was always open to our friends. My mom would even buy favored pop to stock our basement fridge.

We didn’t drink pop, people!

Friends would walk in if we were home or not…they were told not to knock, just come in. They were also told to help themselves and my mom “wasn’t there to wait on them”. She never served tea or set out the good dishes but manners were always required.

There was even an available bedroom, when needed, for short-term stays.

I suppose I could say I grew up in a boarding house! It was amazing!

Mom also gave me a love for feeding people. With just my dad, me and my sister, she didn’t need to make big meals. You give her a holiday, however, and you best be inviting people! She had fun when we brought male friends over ’cause THEY COULD EAT!

One Thanksgiving, we had two football players from the local community college join us along with my then boyfriend and I swear that was her favorite Thanksgiving. She still talks about all the food they ate!

Now it’s my turn.

I am now making sure that bellies are full.

Five young men, one tiny girl and countless friends. Of course that comes with shoes everywhere, laundry smells that I can’t fix, fart jokes, dishes and CONSTANT trips to the market. The table full of food is rarely without an “extra” on a folding chair. I have even been asked by many of their friends if we would adopt them as well.

They just love being together.

What all of these kids have done for all of my children is beyond what we could have dreamed or prayed for. They are patient and understanding, sometimes honest if necessary. I am positive that God has used them to make our transition easier!

Every day when they come home from school, some gather at our house, raid my tiny kitchen, and share stories of their day.

Seriously, it’s a tiny kitchen.

It is also my favorite part of the day. Bikes all over the drive looks like a gang. Yelling, wrestling, belching (mostly from the girl!), another trip o the market planned.

Thanks, Mom! I seriously owe you a cup of coffee!