Even before I had six kids, I loved buying food in bulk. Guess I always knew I would be the matron to a large family and mine is small compared to some.

Still, I love to buy two 50lb bags of potatoes instead of one, four crates of peaches instead of two or 15 pineapples at Aldi.

It’s a problem.

But not one I plan to change any time soon, so I have decided to blog about my recent…issue? Purchase? Bulk obsession? 

Welcome to the summer of the Clinton Gardens! 

Clint was an uncle that I will always remember growing tomatoes every summer. Not because he loved them but that’s what you do in Iowa…tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. He would call me crazy if he knew what I was trying to pull off this year!

He never really got me:) 

I unintentionally purchased around 200 tomato plants at a food auction put on by the local Mennonite population. They have such a skill when it comes to growing food!

Anyway, I knew I had purchased the “top shelf” but what I didn’t know was how many were on it! Yikes! I also can’t just plant a few and discard the others. Those are living things that someone has been caring for until now! Unfortunately, in the process of getting them into the ground or container, some have given up hope and stepped aside for a stronger one.

That’s honor…or lack of faith. 😂

Garden #1

Right now, there are three Clinton gardens and a number of containers involved in raising a total of 102 plants.

I’m not worried you are!

Garden #2
Garden #3

I have blessed people with some, killed others because let’s be real…that’s a lot of tomatoes!!! Let’s see how this goes!

P.S. Does anyone have a good BBQ sauce recipe??

Stay fabulous!