Today is two months. Two months does not seem like much but yikes… it sure can be when you are waiting for the next step.

I wonder if that will ever go away… the waiting.

First we’re waiting for paperwork to get approved.

Then money to come in.

Governments to move what seemed like mountains.



The new normal.

The English

Feeling like this really is your home and these really are your kids.

For summer to be over and school to start.


For the hard times to be over, to not have the feeling that I’m going to be sick in the morning.

Still for the money to come in

When is graduation.

Still waiting for bedtime.

I have been looking forward to this week all summer. Now I feel like I have taken a step back while they have been in school. How will we do this? 6 kids? Are we out of our God given minds? Will the school call me with issues? Will they be fine and love school? Will they ever speak English? When will I remember why we did this?

Maybe I will breathe on Tuesday after labor day is over. I’ll wait to find out.

But today…more coffee.