I don’t know why I find comfort in the sound of the air conditioner. It breaks up the silence of the house in the morning that I’m afraid of. I lay in my bed not wanting to move in case it wakes the sleeping.

Not wanting to get up and do another day of this.

Can’t we all stay in bed until the season is over?

The season is summer, the reason is adoption.

Three new people in our house and every day is unknown. I enjoy control. I enjoy knowing. I don’t mind change as long as I’m the one changing my mind.

I can’t change my mind on this.

They need me.

My bios need me and I need them. I have relied on them so much to help the new three that it’s really not fair. They didn’t ask for the crazy.

They have been forced into it.

The air conditioner is off now & the day is starting.

There is always coffee.